The Kutterfisch-Zentrale (Kutterfisch) is the largest company and Producer’s Organization in Germany dealing with catching, marketing and processing of fish, dealing with about 7,000 tonnes of fresh fish per year. Founded in 1964, today over 100 employees are working for KUF, from which around 50 are in the fish catching part. Fishermen and vessels belonging to the PO or company are fishing in the North and Baltic Sea. Main species caught are saithe, cod, herring and some flatfish species. The company was the first in Germany to successfully undergo the certification process for the MSC. Kutterfisch aims at meeting the criteria of working sustainably, reasonable and transparent. This is reflected in the traceability of fish and fish products, the certification after the MSC and also in increased regulatory mechanisms to avoid discards.

Contribution to the project: Kutterfisch-Zentrale will take part in the Baltic Sea case study, working closely together with the respective partners involved in the CSs and embedded in WPs 1-3 and 5. Kutterfisch will provide participants from its employees and membership to take part in the case study workshops for the Baltic Sea. Additionally, they will take part in the interviews (see WP 3) to assess incentives of management measures. They already take part in a pilot project for a catch quota system by installing cameras on board to follow the sorting process on board.

Description of PIs involved in the project:

  • Kai Arne Schmidt is managing director with special responsibility for quota distribution in the company and dealing with all issues coming from regulations via the Common Fisheries Policy.
  • Jörg Petersen is managing director with special responsibility for the operation of the company’s vessels.

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