Regional governance and implications for the development of multiannual plans

In Europe the major development in governance is around regionalization and the role of multiannual plans. Under task 3.5, Myfish addresses i) regional governance and implications for the development of multiannual plans and ii) the potential implications of regionalization on social and distributional aspects. The work on regional governance and implications for the development of multiannual plans includes a Baltic Sea Case Study on Scientific Advice and Decision-Making in Regionalization of the Common Fisheries Policy.

The study uses the Baltic Sea, as a case study, to examine the current foundation and future options for providing scientific advice in support of regionalized ecosystem-based fisheries management, by cooperating coastal EU member states (i.e. BALTFISH Forum) exercising ‘delegated empowerment’ granted by the European Union (EU), as authorized by the 2013 CFP Basic Regulation. It places the issue of regionalization of scientific advice in a Baltic Sea and EU fisheries governance perspective and identifies and describes the approach, operations, structure and efficacy of the main institutions/bodies (i.e. ICES,STECF) providing fisheries-related scientific advice concerning the Baltic Sea. The study also considers the equivalent features of the requesters and recipients of the regional advice (i.e.  BALTFISH, BSAC, European Commission, European Council and Parliament, and HELCOM). Finally, it examines how the various parties involved relate to each other formally and informally with regard to the effective functioning of CFP regionalization.

The full report is available here

A separate 15 page summary report, which includes identifying "11 optimization challenges" for scientific advice providers and recipients, is also available: Download here

The Baltic Sea Advisory Council’s (BSAC) Secretariat met with the report’s author (CH) on 1 July 2015 to discuss the 11 key optimization challenges identified in the summary report. The BSAC document from this meeting (download here) notes that the Myfish report was much appreciated and that BSAC would welcome the opportunity to discuss informally with DG MARE the 11 key issues identified in the summary report with respect to the future engagement of the Advisory Councils, the use of available resources and interactions with other appropriate parties.

flagsThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 /2007-2013) under grant agreement no 289257. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which maybe made of the information contained therein.